Welcome to Google Checks

Welcome to Google checks, where we will show you the difference between those who tell you that you need to do something and those who show you how to do it.

Google checks is designed for those who have heard a lot about the internet and about strange words such as "web 2.0, the bubble, blogs etc." but do not know what to do with it, and how to benefit from it all. You probably have also heard about "passive income". We are here to explain all this to you and show you how to start making your own money from the internet.

There are many books out there that tell you that in order to leave your 9 to 5 job you need to start doing something else… Most of those books tell you that you need to do something but they don't tell you what to do. We are here exactly for that reason.

If you found this site you were probably looking to change something in your life. Well, you got to the right place. However, there are several things that you have to ask yourself before you continue:

  • Are you ready to change your life?
  • Are you willing to put time into it?
  • Do you want to be a part of the most amazing communication and knowledge resource in the world, with huge untapped potential - called "the internet" ?

If the answer to all those questions is "YEAH, hell Yeah" there is only one more thing you need to know:

This website and its content are designed for a special kind of person. It is designed for those who have the HUNGER !, If you need to ask yourself what is this HUNGER, then you might be in the wrong place….The HUNGER is a huge desire to change, to succeed, to make more money, to upgrade your life, TO DO BETTER.

The HUNGER is something that burns inside you, something  that you feel, but can't explain, something that you know is there but you don’t know how to use it or what to do with it.

If you feel that you have the HUNGER this definitely is the place for you. We are here to feed your HUNGER in the huge and diverse field called the internet.

Now all you have to do is follow our guide and start your journey towards a difference, towards a better life, towards GOOGLE CHECKS !!!

Why the low price?

There are two reasons for our low price,

The first reason is that we don’t claim that we invented the wheel. All we did is put it in the right place for you. We don't think that like other places you need to pay ridiculous amounts of money in order to succeed. We believe that sharing our knowledge and experience, and making other people happy is a mission, and in order to support this mission we ask you to pay this modest price.

The second reason is that we believe that after you follow our guide you will be so happy with the results that you will chose to come back and donate as much as you feel.

So if you feel you are ready, go ahead, feed the HUNGER!

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Success Stories

Mike Nicholas, age 35 -  Idaho.

Mike says: "When I first found out about GoogleChecks.com I was a bit disbeliever, but I have decided to give it a try. Now, ten month later after being able to buy my dream car, I know it was the right choice..."

"After reading GoogleChecks Introduction I have decided to take a chance and I paid the 5$ (which seemed too cheap at the time…) I immediately got the Guide and started to read it carefully.

After reading it for the first time I started following it step by step.

On the first month I worked only a couple of hours a day (still working in my nine to five job) and made about 370$, when I saw that the system is working I decided to put more time into it and as the time went by I found myself spending more time, making more money, and the most important – enjoying every second of it.

Three month after I started to work with the GoogleChecks guide I went to my employer and told her what I wanted to tell her for so long: "I quit, this is my one month notice…"

A month later I left my nine to five job only to work on my own projects which by that time already made me more then 6,850$ a month.

After nine month I was able to buy my dream car (a BMW 650i If you want to know…) and then I decided to give back something to GoogleChecks and I started donating 1% of my income to them!

I now understand why GoogleChecks charged such a low price, they knew that this is what is going to happen, they knew that the saying "give and thy shall get back" is true.

I sincerely recommend to all of you out there, who always wanted to be their own bosses,

Don’t hesitate, and as GoogleChecks says – ACT, this guide only cost me 5$ and changed my life for the much much better.

Thank you so much GoogleChecks.

I hope that you make many more people as happy as you made me. 

All the best,


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Bob J.  41 Years Old – Self employed, Florida

"I found Google Checks searching for "how to make money with Google". I was skeptic at first, but I said to myself I got nothing to lose, after all it's only 5 bucks. I read their guide and started to act according to the information, after the first month I already received my first check on the sum of $102.38. I invested exactly 4 hours of work at home and $10 total including the guide and a domain name.

Now, 6 months later I have my own small business with 2 employees and around 20 websites.

I decided to thank Google Checks by sending them a thank you e-mail and donating 10% of my monthly income.

I can honestly say Google Checks changed my life!


Sep 25th 2007

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Sarah G. – Canada

"I first got in touch with Google Checks by sending them an e-mail to the support e-mail advertised on their website. I did that because I thought this is a one big scam. I was surprised to receive a detailed e-mail with real contact persons and they even offered to call me over the phone.

I made my purchase of their guide the next day and I was even more surprised to find that the guide is so straight and to the point and explains exactly what to do and how to do it.

Since I was unemployed at the time (this was around the end of 2006), I had more than enough time to start implementing the tips and so I did.

Today I don’t need a job, my blogs makes more money when I'm sleeping than my husband makes a month!!!

I never believed there is so much money to be made from the internet!

The money I now make which is almost a year after I started acting showed me that money IS everything!

Thank you!


Oct 4th 2007

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Eileen P. 22 Years Old, Massachusetts

"My name is Eileen and I'm 22 years old from MA, USA.

The reason I'm writing these lines are:

1.       Thank Google Checks for improving my life.

2.       Show the world that if I can do it anyone can.

My story is a bit of a sad one actually, my parents got divorced when I was 18, I found myself distributing my time at 2 different homes. I wanted to go to college but the expenses were too high and my parents couldn't afford to help me.

I know the internet since I was young and I was connected 25 hours a day J. One of my friends sent me to www.googlechecks.com , I still have it in my bookmarks.  She said this looks strange and asked me what I think, luckily I felt the price was ridiculous for what they were offering and I used my paypal account to buy a copy of the guide.

I read the guide in less than an hour and I was so eager to get working on it! It took me less than a week to cover for the cost of the guide and now after 3 years of college which googlechecks.com "paid" for it I'm proud to say I don't have to go and look for a job.

Furthermore I am able to help both of my parents to get through the month.

I totally recommend google checks!


Nov 1st 2007

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